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Beyond College Consulting with Robin aims to help students realize their full potential and unlock their education options so they can succeed during and after college. My goal is to make the entire process from selecting schools to applying and writing essays seamless, enjoyable and, most importantly, successful. Here are a few success stories from some of my past clients.

“With my eldest child preparing to find a college, I wasn’t quite sure where to begin. Thank goodness for Robin. From our first meeting with her, we already felt at ease knowing that Robin would be a great resource for us. She helped give us a timeline, listened to what my son’s interests were, what he was looking for in a college, and then started researching colleges to come up with a list of potential colleges that would be a good fit for him. She also gave us resources for financial aid, info on ACT/testing and reminders of important deadlines. The best part of working with Robin was her passion for this field and knowing she truly cared about getting my son into his dream college. My son was accepted into his first-choice college and we have Robin to thank for helping us get him there.”

Kathy S.

“At first, I was so nervous to take on the college application process, I didn’t know where to start and how to go about making my applications perfect. I started working with Mrs. Gullborg over the phone and she was immediately committed to helping me start this daunting process. She talked me through each and every step of the Common App process and gave constructive criticism to all of my sections. I perfected all of my wording because of her broad knowledge on the admissions process. She helped form my college essay from something that was thrown together into a meaningful essay with characteristics that colleges were looking for. Along with all of this she is personable and generous with her time and attention. I am so thankful to have worked with such a kind spirited person. I am happy to say that out of the 12 colleges I applied to, I was accepted into all of them. I would not have been able to do it without Mrs. Gullborg’s help!”

Gabi D.

I cannot say enough about Robin’s assistance in guiding my daughter through the college selection process. I only wish she had been around for my other 3 as this was by far our best experience. I can almost say it was stress-free! In addition, I know we saved a lot of money, time, and stress by not applying and visiting a lot extra schools just because they were on the “normal” college circuit for the area.

When we started out this fall, my daughter was very confused about what she wanted in terms of size, distance, major and her own long term financial commitment. Robin spent a lot of time with her; listening and trying to understand what was important to her. Next Robin did thorough research, coming up with schools we never would have thought of; but also narrowing down an overwhelming list of “maybes” we had considered. Each school on the list she came up with really fit my daughter and her needs and desires. We watched her think objectively about her college choices, rather than getting caught up in what others were doing or even feeling family pressure about a particular school.

While we were involved in the process, as parents, we so appreciated how Robin made our daughter feel like the client. With this approach, my daughter took full ownership of reviewing each school, creating a list of where she would apply and visit, and ultimately deciding what was the best fit for her. With Robin’s guidance, facilitation, and gentle nudging on deadlines, she worked hard but went through the process systematically and with relative ease. Robin gave her goals, deadlines, essay guidance, essay review, resulting in no late nights trying to meet deadlines, no school visits that were a waste of time and trying on everyone’s patience, no stress between parents and child on college choices.

I just cannot say enough about all Robin did to make the college search truly a rewarding experience. My daughter not only found the college she absolutely loves; we also matured and became more independent in the process.

Thank you, Robin!!!!

Joan V.

Don’t just shoot for the stars, take aim.

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